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I translate from English into Spanish, my native language. However, please feel free to contact me if you need a different language pair, I might be able to help you get in touch with the right person.

Translation and Localisation

If you want to increase your sales in foreign markets you need to tailor your product to the local culture. I can help you with the following:

  Games and apps: I have worked in the videogames industry since 2002 and I am able to localise all game assets, from manuals to UI files and scripts for any platform: PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC, iPhone/iPad, Facebook, Android, etc. After years of experience, I am extremely familiar with the localisation process. I am highly proficient in dealing with localisation issues such as cultural differences, space restrictions, platform-specific terminology and working with text containing macros and variables. I have worked on a wide range of titles, from singing games to racing simulators, RPGs, FPS, sports, gambling and casino, MMORPGs, serious games, and even cooking games! My favourite games are RPGs and graphic adventures, but I enjoy all genres!
  Software: I translate help files, user interfaces, manuals, etc. I'm very knowledgeable about IT and passionate about learning new technologies. And, thanks to my extensive testing and QA experience, I can also test your localised product before release and report any bugs promptly and efficiently.
  Websites: I can help you adapt your website to the Spanish market and attract more customers. I am familiar with SEO and most CMS systems and can localise any website to maximise its potential.
  Business material: I have helped many multinational companies translate their material, from press releases and brochures to internal presentations and memos, and training material.
  Travel and tourism: As someone who loves travelling, I am very passionate about translating travel guides, brochures and also websites. I produce texts which are engaging, informative and appealing to the target reader.
  Environment: I am especially interested in sustainability, climate change, biofuels and recycling.
  Food and drink: I work with clients in the industry to produce menus, recipes, promotional materials, exhibition marketing, brochures, etc.
  Fashion and cosmetics: I love fashion and beauty and I regularly keep updated with new designer and trends and read fashion and beauty magazines, so I'm very familiar with the terminology and style in both languages. I can help you promote your new clothing range or line of cosmetics, translate articles, brochures, websites and any other material.
  General interest documents: If the subject of the text is quite general, or you need a certificate to be translated, don't worry, I can take care of that too. In fact, some of the general translations I have done have been the most interesting ones of my career!

I will ensure your project reads well and is appropriate for the intended target audience. From travel guides to clothing websites, software manuals to staff appraisal forms, they won’t even know it’s a translation!

Creative Translations, Transcreation and Copywriting

I specialise in translations for marketing, advertising and the press. Creative translation is an art in itself, which involves bridging the gap between cultures and keeping the text highly engaging. The effect the message has in the audience is as important as the message itself, and it's essential to maintain the spirit of the original text in a way that will capture the attention of the target audience.

My specialist copywriting and transcreation services allow me to engage with your target audience and bridge the linguistic and cultural gap whilst maintaining the spirit of the original, to help you grow your brand and penetrate new markets. I have got years of experience adapting successful campaigns for companies such as Sony, Astor Cosmetics, Harrods and Cointreau.


For all those projects where only the highest quality will do, it is recommended to have your translation checked by a second native speaker. I will examine your translation and ensure that, whilst staying true to the original, it reads well in the target language and the style is fit for its purpose.

Project Management

Do you have a large project and need to use several translators per language? Or do you simply not have time to coordinate the translation into many different languages? I am highly experienced in Project Management, being the Director of my own Localisation Company and having led a team of Localisation testers for years. I can liaise with both clients and vendors and ensure that the process runs smoothly to achieve the best results.


I provide voice-over services for corporate and educational material, such as podcasts, presentations, webcasts, corporate videos and documentaries. Clear, professional female voice. Neutral accent in European Spanish. Please feel free to contact me for a voice sample.


I am familiar with the subtitling process and technologies and with the industry conventions after undertaking a course at the University of Leeds. I have been translating subtitles for the games industry since 2002.


I have tested software and videogames since 2003, so I am very familiar with QA procedures and guidelines, as well as bug reporting/fixing. My excellent attention to detail will ensure that nothing is missed.

Language Consultancy

My knowledge and experience of the Spanish market can help you identify potential cultural or linguistic issues and tailor your product or service in a way that will appeal to the target market.


If you have an audio recording in Spanish, I can help you get it in written form.


Ad-hoc or consecutive interpreting for business meetings, immigration centres, job centres, prisons, etc.